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How much money do I need to do a deal?

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How are the JV partnerships set up?

The majority of our Joint Venture Agreements (JVA) are set up as a 50/50 partnership. In all our transactions our goal is to achieve a 25% annual Return on Investment or 12.5% annually for EACH Joint Venture Partner by 3 years.

How long do I have to be invested for?

Our JVA’s are planned for at least a 5 year term.

What is the JV agreement?

Our Joint Venture Agreement has been drafted by our lawyer and it outlines all of our responsibilities to overseeing all aspects of the property. This document also covers things like what will occur in the case of disagreement, death and desired buyout.

We will provide you a copy for review once the decision to move forward is determined, but we strongly encourage our investors to get their own Independent Legal Advice (ILA) prior to signing. All fees and interest incurred as a result of setting up a joint partnership will be shared equally between our partners.  If however, our joint venture partner chooses to incorporate, they will be responsible for those set up fees.

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